HOA Towing Policy

Hartsfield Village III Homeowner,

The HOA has implemented a towing policy, please see the policy below. If your property is being used as rental property you must inform your tenants of this towing policyPlease remember it is your responsibility to notify current and new tenants of this policy. If you have any questions please contact the HOA at Board@hartsfieldvillage3.org or call the HOA Voice Mail number at (850) 296-0688.

Thank you.

HOA Towing Policy

  1. Roam Towing – Roam towing hours 12:00 am to 6:00 am. Roam towing gives the HOA contracted towing company the right to tow any vehicle that is parked illegally between the hours of 12:00 am and 6:00 am without being called by a HOA Board member.
  2. No Parking in the Street/Asphalt – If a vehicle is parked in the street/asphalt or partially on the street/asphalt it is subject to being towed at any time.
  3. Tow any vehicle parked where “No Parking” signs are posted or other “HOA Parking Restriction Signs” are posted.
  4. Tow any vehicle that is blocking a sidewalk, UNLESS the vehicle is parked in a driveway and no portion of it is on the street/asphalt. This is a City of Tallahassee Ordnance.
  5. Non-Roam Towing – Towing will occur only if the request is called in by an HOA Board member. As this towing will be done on an as-needed basis, there are no time parameters.
  6. Violators will be towed at owner’s expense.

City of Tallahassee Towing Policy

  1. Tow any vehicle that does not have a valid tag.
  2. Tow any vehicle that has an expired tag.


Due to the continuous complaints, potential emergency services issues and inconveniences of vehicles being improperly parked on our streets, American Eagle has been authorized to operate in Hartsfield Village III. The vehicle owner will be responsible for the tow fee.

American Eagle Towing and Recovery, Inc.
5263 Capital Circle, SW
Tallahassee, FL 32305
(850) 574-9200