City Street Takeover

We’re asking that all homeowners sign a petition which would allow the city to develop a street takeover proposal for Hartsfield Village. This would be greatly beneficial to the homeowners because we are certain that annual homeowner dues could be reduced and a special assessment to cover the inflated prices of goods and services can be avoided. Just repaving our streets costs nearly $100,000. Lawn and ditch maintenance is over $5000. Please consider signing the petition.

The advantages…

  • Increase property values.
  • Keep our streets paved, free of potholes, and cleared of leaves.
  • Solve storm water drainage issues.
  • Cover the cost of our street lights, maintenance of our ditches, and mowing of our common areas.
  • Reduce HOA expenses and dues.
  • Make our private streets public
  • Add curbs and sidewalks
  • Clean up after storms

Remember- Signing the petition does NOT obligate the homeowner or the Board.  It only asks the city to provide financial estimates.  Petitions were mailed and can be found on our website below.

View the presentation.

Read the letter.

Sign the petition.